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Electrocorders sample every channel 16 times per cycle, a cycle is 16ms at 60Hz and 20ms at 50Hz. At the end of each averaging period, 3 quantities are saved for each channel, the True RMS average, the Max, which is the highest cycle value during the period and the Min, lowest cycle value. In comparison to real time data acquisition systems, data loggers generally have lower sample rates; this is normally because they store data in internal memory which is has a limit. The higher the data rates the more memory required. Therefore when specifying a data logger it is important to determine the sample rate and the sample duration which can be used to calculate the required memory. The recording duration is dependent on the memory capacity of the data logger and the desired sample rate, Electrocorder recording duration ranges from 2 hours up to 300 days.

With Solar PV installations increasing in many countries and the realisation that the old myths around the technology as expensive and uncompetitive are being disproved, attention for many now has turned to the on-going efficiencies of modules and if they are delivering what they set out to.

Until recently solar installations primarily involved a site survey which took into consideration irradiation at the site; now consumers are asking about on-going efficiencies of the modules based on irradiation and power generation over time; how much energy is the site consuming and when is it exporting to the grid, this is of particular interest to many industrial and domestic consumers, particularly as part of on-going energy audits and responsibilities around carbon reduction. This area of efficiency is definitely an issue which has become prominent in consumer’s conscience and as time progresses, questions are being be asked about returns on investment and meeting obligations around reducing C02 emissions; now Electrocorder Data Loggers can offer the answers to questions about efficiency.

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