Smokermeter 820

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Model: 820
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Stand-Alone Smoke Meter capable of performing standard-compliant tests thanks to:
- 16-key multifunction keyboard
- White-LED backlit LCD, 4x20 9-mm characters
- 24-column thermal printer

The 820 model may be connected to the PC via cable or Bluetooth connection.

The new smoke meter chamber developed by Tecnomotor retains the reliability and measurement accuracy of its predecessors in heavy-duty applications (such as trucks and agricultural machinery) packaged in a compact design and topped with energy-saving features. Advanced electronics and software algorithms eliminate the need to calibrate internal optics - all that is required as far as maintenance goes is one single yearly inspection.
Like their gas tester counterparts, these units come in a broad range of configurations to meet the most diverse needs, such as:
- Gas sampling (for instance using suitable sensors for raised bus exhaust pipes)
- Wireless display unit lets you test from the driver's seat with not need to get off the vehicle between accelerations
- Integrated batteries in measurement modules eliminate the need for power supply cables

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