Gas Analyzer 830

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Model: 830
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Exhaust gas analysis unit to be integrated with display unit (PC, via cable or Bluetooth connection, wireless Vis), specific for overhaul line.

The new exhaust gas tester modules series 800 have been designed to offer high reliability and accuracy in heavy duty applications. Their stringent design criteria enabled them to obtain certifications to major international standards, such as OIML Class 0 and MID 2004/22/EC.
Thanks to a broad range of options and accessories, they are able to meet all the needs arising from overhaul lines or a repair workshop. The series includes both stand-alone test modules (with LCD, keypad and printer) and measurement modules for interfacing portable display units or PCs via cable or Bluetooth connection (up to 300-m transmission range in free space).
The units can be equipped with internal backup batteries ensuring a minimum of 4 hours of uninterrupted operation.

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